The beach at Tsujido

It’s been a long time since I posted about Tsujido Seaside Park, but this is part 2! It was October 19th of last year, and we’d just left the park to walk along the beach.  So, we followed a path along a river.  I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, as there’s not much to explain.  So, enjoy!


Graffiti under the bridge.


It was a sunny day, so great reflection off of Sagami Bay. You can see the Izu Peninsula in the distance.


There were some incredible waves at the beach that day.


There’s Enoshima in the distance.


These fences are wind barriers to keep the sand from drifting. My wife is the small figure on the beach.


A kite posing for me with some great waves in the background.


Another picture of the kite looking away.


Getting closer to Enoshima with some nice waves and clouds.


Same location, but more waves.


Near the mouth of the Hikiji River, I got some great reflection pictures. This is the first.


I caught some rays through the clouds.


More rays with the Izu Peninsula in the distance.


Some great waves. They were pretty big that day.


I think this was the best picture of this set. An amazing spotlight on the bay.

And that’s it for the beach.  I think the last photo was the best.  What do you think?


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