Saitama City manhole covers

The Urawa Reds are a J-League soccer team in Saitama City.  Why is that relevant? Take a look at Saitama City’s manhole covers!


It’s a soccer ball!


They come in more than one colour.

This was the first time I’d seen sports themed manhole covers.  Usually, they feature the city’s flower or tree.


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6 responses to “Saitama City manhole covers

  1. Yay! Manholes! 🙂

    Omiya in Saitama also boasts manhole covers with the mascot of the soccer team Omiya Ardija on them. It’s a rather cute squirrel/chipmunk critter.

  2. NyNy

    If only in London, people would be creative and do this kind of thing. This is what I like about Japan. It would make Central London more interesting.

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