My holiday plans

I just finished day 1 of my 8 day holiday, and I have plenty planned.  Due to this weekend’s rain, I won’t be doing much out this weekend, but I will be working on my blogs a lot.

Non-blog plans include going to my in-laws’ house for New Year’s Day, as well as visiting Zeniarai Benten in Kamakura again.  Not sure if I’ll take pictures for that, as I did last January.

As for this blog, I have plenty planned! I will be doing a year in review by the end of the year.  I’ll also be starting a new series on Japanese prefectures and cities.  This is meant to give some basic information, as well as showcase places I want to visit.  Also, I’ll continue with photos from the past couple of months, and hopefully go back to photos from 3 years ago.  Finally, I plan to back up all my Instagram photos and start posting more of them.

So, here’s to a good new year!


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