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Another big one? Well, no.

Today, there was a magnitude 7.3 earthquake off the coast of Tohoku in northern Japan.  It happened near the same spot as the 3/11 earthquake last year. This time, it wasn’t so big, but it was the biggest earthquake I’ve felt in quite some time.  It was still a big earthquake.

Here in Kanagawa, it was a 3 on the Japanese intensity scale, which basically means we felt a lot of shaking.  It was quite long, too.  Up in Tohoku, TV newscasters were urging people to evacuate the coast, remember 3/11.  There was a tsunami warning issued, and a 1 metre wave hit the coast.  It could have been worse.

To everyone around the world, and especially to my friends and family in Canada, USA and elsewhere, we’re fine.  There’s no damage.  Our evening is carrying on as usual.  So don’t worry!

Ever wonder what an earthquake feels like?  Check out this description on my other blog.



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December foliage

November and December is a colourful time in Japan.  This time is known as “koyo.”  The leaves are changing colour, yellow, orange, and red.  The gingko trees are a brilliant yellow.  The maples trees are a mix of red and orange.  The cherry trees are also red, but most of the leaves are gone now.

This morning, I was able to take some pictures of the trees.  So, please enjoy!


These trees are related to the gingko, and are also bright yellow. Many of the leaves have fallen off.


Engyou Park in Shonandai has some beautiful red maple trees.


More Engyou Park with red and orange maple trees.


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