2012 Picture of the Week (50/52) – Imported

Japan has a lot of traditional culture, but it also has a lot of imported culture.  One example is Christmas.  However, it’s not entirely the same as in western countries.  For example, it’s a day for couples to go on a date, or for children to receive gifts, whereas in Canada, it’s a day for family and everyone gets gifts.  Also, Japanese people often eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas.  Turkey is difficult to find in Japan, and even if they do, not everyone has an oven to roast it with.  And if they do have an oven, it’s often not even big enough for a turkey!  So, getting KFC is an alternative.  But one thing’s the same, decorations.  They’re everywhere!  On my way home, I took a picture of this tree made of Christmas lights outside a factory.


Merry Christmas from a factory.



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2 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (50/52) – Imported

  1. What you say is true!
    In 2008 I was at the Tokyo tower during Christmas. It was also their 50th anniversary. The lights, music and the general atmosphere were really nice, minus the snow. They had covered all the srubs inthat are with white LED and had cute little deers on them! Hope you enjoy this Christmas mate!

    • That must have been nice to see. To be honest, I’ve never really been in Tokyo during Christmas. I almost always spent it in Canada, although last Christmas was spent working. I’ll be working again this Christmas. But I’ll try to enjoy it 🙂 Thanks!

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