Machida manhole covers

Once a week, I go to Machida city in Tokyo.  Machida has its own set of manhole covers which I took pictures of in the late evening.  So, these pictures are a bit dark.

The first manhole cover is for rain water.  The design is of a tree, which I assume is Machida’s tree, the Japanese zelkova.


Japanese zelkova design on the storm drain manhole cover.

The other manhole cover is for the sewer.  This one has what appears to be a flower, and I believe it’s Machida’s city flower, the Scarlet Sage.


Scarlet Sage covering the sewer.

I’ll be checking out more manhole covers when I can.  Unfortunately, Yokohama’s manhole covers aren’t very special.


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7 responses to “Machida manhole covers

  1. I love manhole hunting! (That sounds vaguely obscene, but never mind.)

    Here’s a nice Yokohama one from a website dedicated to manholes:

    • Best comment ever!

      I’ve seen that website before. Just haven’t seen any Yokohama manhole covers that are worth mentioning. The ones I’ve seen are very ordinary with only geometric patterns and no pictures. Guess I need to hunt for more manhole covers.

  2. Mia

    I had no idea that manholes would exhibit such beautiful pictures. In America, I’ve never seen any. Only other place I’ve been is Italy, but that was long ago and I have many regrets about not doing enough of this or that.

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