Fujisawa Manhole Covers and More

Who knew manhole covers could be an art?  In Japan, each community has its own manhole cover design, usually depicting the town or city’s cultural heritage or the city flower or tree.  In Fujisawa, there are a couple manhole cover designs, and they have different purposes.  Fujisawa’s tree is the Japanese black pine (黒松) while its flower is the Wisteria.  Both are on Fujisawa’s manhole covers.


This is the storm drain, or rainwater, manhole cover. It features Wisteria.


This manhole cover features the Japanese black pine. This one is for the sewer.

But wait, there’s more!  There are three others that look like manhole covers, all with the same design.  However, they aren’t actually manhole covers.  The first two differ only by the labels.  The final one has another label, but it’s also yellow.  You’ll see why.


This one covers an air valve.


While this one covers a place where partitions can be set up.


Finally, this yellow one is a fire hydrant.

Fire hydrants in Japan are under the road.  They aren’t like the ones in North America, which are above ground.  These are marked by yellow paint, so they can be seen much more easily and can be differentiated from all the other covers.

In the future, I may take some more manhole cover photos in other cities.  If you live in Japan, what are your manhole covers like?



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4 responses to “Fujisawa Manhole Covers and More

  1. I love manhole covers in Japan! I made a post early this year, but only managed to take a photo of a Kyoto manhole, which is a street map and a compass of your exact location 🙂

    • That sounds like a very useful manhole cover. I haven’t seen any like that before. Even though I’ve been in Japan for more than 7 years, I didn’t really pay much attention to the manhole covers. Now I want to. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Tom

    Those manhole covers are pretty awesome looking. I usually have to go to Disneyland or some other place like that to see them with intricate decorations.

    • I know there are many places with even more impressive manhole covers. However, Yokohama and Kamakura seem to have very mundane designs. They look like standard manhole covers. Fujisawa’s are nice.

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