2012 Picture of the Week (39/52) – Urban vegetable garden

I live in a medium sized city, Fujisawa.  It’s actually a very busy city, as it has an incredibly popular beach and sightseeing spot, Enoshima.  The central business district of Fujisawa has the third largest number of corporate offices in Kanagawa.  However, there are areas that are more rural.  I live near a rural area with a lot of farms and trees.  But in my neighbourhood, which is fairly urban, it’s possible to find small and large vegetable gardens next to apartment buildings.  This picture is an example of such a vegetable garden.


This vegetable garden is quite large, with apartment buildings on two sides.



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4 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (39/52) – Urban vegetable garden

  1. An Urban Vegetable Garden. Do you know if its a communal one shared by the neighbourhood or a private garden?

  2. Whenever I see a garden, my Pavlov’s dog response is envy. If there’s one thing I miss from back home, it’s the huge garden I had. Ah well. I do have a tomato plant on the balcony …

    PS: Would you like to have a patch like this? Or you already have a garden?

    • When I was a kid in Canada, we’d always had a garden. But these days, I live in an apartment. However, we do have a small patch outside on our patio that we could plant something in. My wife wanted to plant lemon trees, but we never got around to it. Someday, it might be nice to have a garden, but I find that I tend to kill plants.

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