Bright local shrine

Sometimes taking a different route home can provide a wonderful reward.  In fact, when my wife and I went home after shopping, we discovered 3 things: a cheap, but very good cake shop, a Chinese restaurant that has some very good food, and a shrine I never knew existed.  They were all within steps of the main road that we’ve often used.  This shrine surprised me because of how brightly coloured it was.  It’s very small, and it seems to be connected to a family that owns several large houses in the neighbourhood.  I previously posted a picture of the guardian fox of this shrine, which is an Inari shrine. Exploring sure does provide some wonderful surprises.


The entrance to the shrine. Inari shrines are known for their red torii (gates).


The name of the shrine (can anyone read this?).


Red gate, white and red shrine with a green roof. Very bright!


The shrine itself.

The guardian fox I previously posted.


A close-up of the roof corner’s details.


The main doors of the shrine.

We’ll be doing more exploring as the weather gets a bit cooler.  It’s still hot these days, but October and after should be great for taking pictures.


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8 responses to “Bright local shrine

  1. Wow! This is a great find and looks like it is right between some houses or apartments. I always love the red of an Inari shrine against the background of a blue sky.

    • The entrance is between a couple of houses. However, the shrine itself is between a couple of parking lots. Not so beautiful looking, but it does give a side view from the street.

  2. You and me are both waiting for October. Gotta be the best time of year in this country. Warm days,cool evenings 🙂

  3. Tom

    You got some wonderful angles on the Torii especially the first one.

  4. Okay, I’m gonna take a shot at the reading of the signboard: ‘shoichii izawa inari’ According to Wikipedia, the shoichii part is some kind of ranking, but I didn’t understand it clearly. Izawa seems like a place name or possibly a person’s name?

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