A post a day is complete!

It was a long month, 31 days.  With this post, I finish my post a day challenge for two of my blogs.  That’s 62 posts in a month. I’ll keep this brief, as I posted about this on my other blog.  But I would like to add something here.

While it wasn’t difficult to think of topics for my other blog, finding the time and trying to finish before midnight was difficult.  For this blog, I have a much narrower topic, which required me to think even harder about what to write about.  I’ve talked about Japan for more than 400 posts on this blog, and I’m certainly not stopping soon.  I still have a lot of photos and experiences to share.  But doing it at a post a day is too difficult and reduces the length of the posts.  I think quality is more important than quantity, so I will be concentrating on the quality.

So, I will now return this blog to its regular posting schedule.  Thanks for reading!



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4 responses to “A post a day is complete!

  1. Otsukaresama desu. That was definitely a tight schedule and I don’t know if I could do it, so congratulations and the achievement 🙂

  2. “I think quality is more important than quantity”

    I agree.

    I can barely put out 1 per week lately. I dunno how you put up 64?

    • I’m wondering how I managed to do it, too. Sometimes, I didn’t even think of a topic until I was at home. And even then, I had a hard time writing because my daughter wouldn’t stop demanding attention. In those cases, I had to post something easy.

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