That’s not a mouse, it’s a…holy $&!#!!

One day about three years ago, I came home from work, and I noticed a grey thing moving along the ground below the stairs to the second floor.  I thought it was a mouse.  I went down to take a look and noticed that it wasn’t a mouse, it was a spider!  Its legspan was around 15 cm!

A few months later, I was walking home from the supermarket when I saw this thing running across the road, straight for my feet.  I nearly stepped on it.  It was another one of those humongous spiders!

So, what is it?  It’s a huntsman spider.  These spiders are not native to Japan, but were introduced accidentally.  They’re not dangerous to people, but will bite if provoked.  They are quite beneficial, actually.  They eat cockroaches.

For the record, I can’t stand spiders.

Have you ever seen one?



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18 responses to “That’s not a mouse, it’s a…holy $&!#!!

  1. Ooooooooooh yes, I have, several times!
    And I wish I didn’t! ;___;
    I don’t mind spiders when they’re tiny, but those are MONSTERS!!!!
    I’ve had one outside my apartment one and the little fucker (excuse me) had a sack below it that looked like a bunch of eggs. AAAHHH!! ;__;
    And once there was one at work in our kitchen …. and all the male teachers were even more afraid than us girls. We used half a spray of insect killer on it and it took a while but it finally died.

    It’s just really horrible when they come INSIDE!!! ;__;

    • They actually live inside houses quite often. They don’t like people, so they hide away until it’s dark, then go hunting while everyone is asleep. People may have one of these monsters in their homes without realizing it.

      • Thanks. I’ll surely sleep well tonight …
        No, actually I freak out every day before going to bed in summer .. after the bats invaded my apartment it only got worse and every now and then there’s some creepy critter inside and I have no clue how they made it in! ;o;

  2. I may have seen some in France before.
    But I like spiders, so I don’t mind them as long as they’re not dangerous.

  3. tom

    gross, and I thought the black widows were scary as hell. They seem like giant daddy long legs, so i guess they are ok in my book. just the black widows are the ones that get killed here.

    • Giant daddy long legs? Those aren’t even spiders, interestingly enough. The huntsman has a pretty big body, though. And I never want to see a black widow.

  4. Yeah, we have huntsman spiders here in Australia. They are pretty big, but I can’t say that I’ve seen one that size before! They are usually harmless and are pretty useful as they eat insects and bugs around the house.

    • Yeah, they aren’t a danger to people, just to the insects, and especially cockroaches. I think the largest huntsman spiders are in the tropics, though.

  5. I’ve seen them in forests in Japan’s rural areas, but I’m afraid my only reaction is meh. I apologize most humbly for going all African again, but wait till you see Africa’s baboon spiders. Body size alone (excluding legs) = 3 inches. I could link to articles and photos, but I’ll be kind instead. 😉

    Now centipedes? Mukade? THAT freaks me out.

    • That’s a pretty big spider.

      I can’t stand centipedes, either. Centipedes bite, too. The ones in Japan are pretty big, but I haven’t seen any the size of the mukade.

  6. Haha, Huntsmans are very common in Australia and cause little panic for us natives 😉 BUT, for all of my experience surviving bugs in Australia growing up, the ones in Japan are a whole other story…

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