You’re from Canada, so…

…you must love cold weather. Summer must be hard for you.

I hear that a lot.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  My least favourite season is winter.  I don’t like the cold.  Japan has varied winter weather across the country, but in the Tokyo area, it’s fairly mild, around 5-10 degrees.  It’s still cold to me.  It’s still my least favourite season in Japan.

I like spring and fall, but the weather is somewhat unstable.  It can suddenly become cool and make it difficult for me to get out of the shower in the morning.

That brings us to summer.  Summer in Japan is predictable and stable.  Every day, the weather is likely to be hot, humid and sunny.  I like that in Japan’s summer.  I even enjoy the hot weather.  It means I don’t have to feel cold for the next 3 months, at least not until November.

So, to everyone who thinks I must like winter because I’m from Canada, you’re wrong.  Give me Japan’s hot and humid summer over winter any time.


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17 responses to “You’re from Canada, so…

  1. I assume the weather in Canada is pretty stable then when you consider Japanese autumn or spring as unstable?? You should go and experience the German weather then! Recently it doesn’t care about the seasons anymore! I remember that it was snowing once on May 31st!!!
    And right now according to the news it’s around 11-15°C although it’s July. Crazy times.

    I come from a region where we have very cold winters (-20°C) yet I don’t like the cold. I also don’t like the Japanese heat and humidity and have difficulties coping with it. I can handle Japanese winter much better.
    Too bad that my favorite seasons, spring and autumn, are always so short! 😦

    • Spring and autumn are very unstable in Canada! It could be 20 degrees one day, then snow the next. In Japan, I feel that spring in particular has too much rain for my liking 🙂

      In Canada, I’ve seen -42 degrees in winter and 40 degrees in summer. It was a dry heat, though. For some reason, I can cope with the humid summers in Japan.

      My problem with spring in Japan now is that I get allergies. Before I got allergies, it was a beautiful time of year for me. Autumn is quite nice, but it makes me feel depressed that winter is coming.

      • I developed my first allergy ever this spring, too, although I’ve been in Japan for many years. Very strange. It was annoying, but I just love spring too much!! ^___^

        -42° … are we talking about Celcius??? Jesus x___X

        • I started getting allergies about 3 years ago. Before that, no problems. Well, I got to spend 5 springs in Japan allergy-free.

          Yes, Celsius. But -40 C and -40 F are the same 🙂

          • I’ve totally given up on understanding Fahrenheit, so screw that! *g*

            It’s interesting that a lot of people – like us – suddenly develop allergies (hay fever, in most cases). I wonder why.

            • I don’t care about Fahrenheit. The Americans can have it.

              Yeah, I wish I hadn’t developed allergies. I like breathing without an itchy nose and throat in spring!

  2. I used to get that kind of thing. “You’re from New York, so the Japanese winter must not be so cold for you.” Bullcrap. We have a little something called insulation. And I wasn’t from upstate so it wasn’t THAT cold. Comparatively, anyway.

    • Exactly! I get that all the time. Many people seem to think that in Canada, we experience cold all the time in winter. But it’s actually warmer inside in Canada in winter than it is inside in Japan in winter.

  3. tokyo5

    I’m from Florida so my situation is the other way … people are surprised that summer is my least favorite season.

    Off topic but, I’ve been taking showers in the evenings since I moved to Japan. Do you shower in the morning?

    • Yes, I prefer showers in the morning. What’s odd is that in Canada, I tended to shower in the evening. Here, I work late, so I don’t like going to bed with wet hair. Can’t do a thing with it in the morning.

  4. Got to love the stereotypes! “You’re from Canada, so you must love cold weather”. I’m from Australia where we ride to work on Kangaroos 🙂

    You gotta come and try Melbourne’s weather! We have four seasons just like Japan but they all happen in one day.

  5. Tom

    Nobody realizes if you come from the east coast it can go down to anywhere like 10F below zero during the winter. Who would love cold weather when you have to deal with that every year?

    • Just because you live in that climate doesn’t mean you like it. I didn’t choose to be born in a cold place, but since I was, I can still complain about the winter.

  6. I’m not going to list all the stereotypes I hear because I’m from Africa. (Even worse, I’m from Africa and I’m … white?!) That list would consume too much space.

    As far as weather is concerned, it’s assumed that Africa is hot non-stop everywhere. Wrong. It’s also assumed that I like heat. That happens to be correct. 🙂

    • I remember during the World Cup in South Africa, many teams were complaining about the cold weather. I understand much of the country is on a high altitude plateau. Also, since the World Cup was in South Africa’s winter, I can understand it could get pretty cold! 🙂

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