Umi no Hi

Today is Umi no Hi (海の日), or Marine Day, in Japan.  It’s a national holiday that celebrates the oceans and Japan’s maritime prosperity.  As we all know, Japan is an island country and relies on the oceans for much of its trade.  I live near Yokohama, which is famous for its port.  Yokohama has often had a celebration around Marine Day with fireworks, though that hasn’t always happened as planned.  In 2009, they were held on August 1st.  I took several videos of them 3 years ago, which you can watch here.

This year’s Marine Day for me involved going to work.  That’s about it.  I’m hoping to go to a festival this summer, though.



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4 responses to “Umi no Hi

  1. Happy 海の日! Shame that you had to work on this National Holiday. Hope you get to enjoy some of those summer festivals soon.

  2. Do you know that ads appear within your post? I’m just wondering if that’s on the visitor’s end only ?

    Not passive aggressive I’m honestly wondering?

    • Yeah, I know there are ads. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it unless I upgrade my account. I don’t see the ads, though. I block them with Firefox. I will upgrade in the future, though.

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