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I still haven’t been there!

I’ve been living in Kanagawa prefecture for more than 7 years, but there are many places I still haven’t visited. Here is my to do list:

1. Kawasaki Daishi (a major temple in Kawasaki)
2. Zoorasia (one of Yokohama’s zoos)
3. Nogeyama Zoo (a free zoo in Yokohama)
4. Eat sushi on Jogashima (been there, but haven’t had fresh sushi caught there)
5. Cup Noodle Museum (just opened recently)
6. Model Train Museum (also just opened)
7. Go on the Mikasa (in Yokosuka, I’ve seen it, but I haven’t been on it)
8. Tokyo Sky Tree (just opened)
9. Hakone (never been there)
10. Mt. Tanzawa (climbed Mt. Oyama, but not Tanzawa)

These are the top 10 places I’d like to go. Any more suggestions?


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