New foreign registration system

Today, the new registration system for foreigners began. Say goodbye to alien registration cards, hello to resident cards. The new system is handled by the central government, rather than municipal governments, so visa holders receive the new card the moment they arrive in Japan. Visas are now being extended from 3 years to 5 years. Re-entry permits are no longer required. Those who have an alien registration card can keep using it until it expires, they move, change companies, or get a new visa.

What I like is that the length of stay is extended to 5 years, and we no longer need re-entry permits. What I don’t like is that we now have to go to an immigration office to notify them of changes. Before, we just went to the local city office.

But today, there was a problem. The system to issue the cards at immigration in Narita airport stopped working. The same thing happened at other immigration offices. It’s a big headache for those who have to wait.

I won’t be getting the new card until I have a change in my registration or my alien card expires. I’m holding onto that for a while longer.


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8 responses to “New foreign registration system

  1. What I like is that we don’t have anything to do until who would have had something to do anyway (not sure if I make sense, long day today and my English may be paying the price)

    • I think your English is a little jumbled. But I think I got it. We don’t have to do anything until we change anything or need to renew something.

  2. Overall like most of the changes you mentioned – visa going from 3 years to 5 years and no more re-entry permits. Don’t like the idea of not being able to make changes to the card at my local city office. Wondering how much time it is going to take me to get through immigration in Narita next year.

    Japan Australia

    • You need to get a card next year? From what I’ve heard, the card is made very quickly, when the system was actually working. They already have your visa information, your photo, and so on. It’s made immediately.

  3. joe4therecord

    I’m just glad I get a new card. I hate the picture on mine 🙂

  4. Have to go to Shinagawa this week, so I’m interested in seeing how things have changed…

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