2012 Picture of the Week (27/52) – Tanabata

It’s that time of year again, the Tanabata Star Festival. Today, we had planned to go to Tanabata in Hiratsuka, which I’ve been to before and even made a post about.  However, it rained today, and our daughter was just getting over a fever.  We just stayed home.  Earlier this week, I took this picture by Shonandai Station.  These decorations were put up around outside the station.

Colourful paper with messages decorate this bamboo.



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6 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (27/52) – Tanabata

  1. Love Tanabata! We had a special event at my son’s Japanese school where we made these Tanabata decorations and tied them to a bamboo tree. Lots of fun and hope our wishes come true 🙂

    Japan Australia

    • Where I used to work, there was a big Tanabata decoration display just outside my classroom window. I had a view of a shopping centre indoor plaza, and festivals were often held there.

  2. Tom

    I love the coloring in the picture. What do the little tickets in the tree stand for?

  3. My Kindergarten students gave me a nice arts and crafts Tanabata tree yesterday. I’m looking at it right now:)

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