2012 Picture of the Week (26/52) – Early summer beach

This picture marks the halfway point in the year. And that means it’s early summer! We went down to the beach from Tsujido in Fujisawa, as it was a beautiful day. Since it’s still rainy season, the beach had very few people. Only surfers, bodyboarders, and joggers were around. Of course, some people just went to see the beach. There are no swimmers yet, as the lifeguards aren’t working and the beach houses aren’t finished. But in a couple of weeks, the beaches all along Bay will be packed for kilometers. In this picture, you can see a couple of kids enjoying the beach.

Great day at the beach!



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4 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (26/52) – Early summer beach

  1. tom

    Thats an awesome shot! great contrast on the clouds.

    • Thanks. I was just lucky that it turned out well. As I was aiming the camera toward the sun, I couldn’t actually see what I was taking on the screen. It was too bright outside to even get a good look at the picture afterwards. I’m glad it worked out!

  2. Great shot and love the rays beaming down from the clouds.

    Japan Australia

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