Last night, I decided to get out my old computer, which has all of my photos from before 2009.  There are a couple thousand pictures on that laptop, including those from my climb of Mt. Fuji, Oyama, and Takaosan, as well as from Odawara, Atami, lots from Kamakura, Yokohama, and Tokyo.  And then there’s the early train station neighbourhood exploration.  Well, the computer started up okay, and I went into the folders for the photos.  I was planning to transfer them all to my current computer.  However, as I was checking something about memory, I got a BSOD, a Blue Screen of Death.  What happened?  I’ve had BSODs before from using too much memory, but this was different.  This time, \WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM is corrupt.  To fix it, I could use a Windows XP CD, which my computer didn’t come with.  I don’t have one.  The other option is to pull out my hard drive and use it as an external drive.  I think that’s what I’m going to have to do to save my photos.  Hopefully, it’ll be successful.  I don’t know when I’ll be doing it, though.  This is just very frustrating.


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10 responses to “BSOD

  1. Really sorry for you !
    A small box to convert your internal sata hardrive to a usb one is pretty cheap.
    You should buy a backup software like Acronis : you can boot on the CD to restore.

    • Well, it’s a 9 year old computer. I’m surprised it lasted this long. But as soon as I get the hard drive converted into a USB drive, I’ll have no need for it anymore. I just want to save my data.

  2. Get your geek on.
    Rip a copy of XP onto a CD, go into your BIOS and set the CD to boot first and repair.


    Just use it for an external and transfer all pics n stuff and then trash it. I just bought a Lacie 2 terabyte external for like 8,000 yen…storage is ridiculously cheap now. I laughed when I saw VAIO in your tags. It was my 1st PC and I have built my own ever since. Sony is to PC’s what Bose is to Hi-fi, Very poor cost to performance ratio.

    Good luck

    • Most likely will be using it as an external drive. It’s 9 years old now, so I wonder if there’s even an enclosure that’ll work with it.

      Vaio is overpriced and has low reliability. Mine has had heat problems since 2005. My current Toshiba is far, far better.

  3. tom

    if you look for an external enclosure, try to get ohe that has both a SATA connector and a Parallel (PATA/IDE) connector. They might not have one for the smaller drives though. The PATA enclosure will be a bit harder to find unfortunately since most every company has been using SATA exclusively for years.

    I still have drives from 1997 that I pop in my enclose whenever I want to feel a bit nostalgic, not to mention my computer with windows 3.1. Good Luck!!!

    • Hopefully I can get an enclosure that’ll work with my HDD. All I want is to get those pictures.

      I’m not nostalgic for Windows XP. I use it all the time at work. Unfortunately, those computers are old, slow HPs.

  4. sounds frustrating as hell. hope you recover your pics. When my old lappie died (ie when i spilt a glass of water over it), they took the HD drive out pretty easily and cheaply.

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