2012 Picture of the Week (23/52) – Swallow’s nest

At this time of year, swallows are nesting under overhangs and raising their chicks. Many stores will place umbrellas under the nests to catch their droppings. They aren’t considered a nuisance. They’re a welcome sight in spring, and many people like to take their picture. This picture is a bit dark and grainy, unfortunately. I had to zoom in and it wasn’t very bright where the nest is.

The swallows nested next to a restaurant by the train station. It was feeding the chicks at this time.



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8 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (23/52) – Swallow’s nest

  1. Cool!!
    I love nature pics!!
    My “Hawk eats pork” is the greatest one I ever took….with an iphone no less! I had good lighting 🙂

    I hope none of the chikies falls out!

  2. I have a nest next to my main entrance door, too.
    They are cute, but tend to be loud when hungry!

  3. tom

    I wish I had swallows in my neighborhood. We have the tiny green parrots that escaped from a local bird farm. We also get crows. I want to get my bb gun out of storage to get those damn crows!!!

    • I think crows are everywhere in Japan.
      I’ve yet to discover a crow-free spot! :/
      We have almost everything here: sparrows, swallows, other birds (I don’t know much about them), crows, cranes, …. bats, frogs, snakes and all the other typical critters.

      You’d be very busy here using your gun here *g*

    • Well,the crows in Japan are gigantic. I think they’re quite similar to North American ravens, thought not quite as large.

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