2012 Picture of the Week (22/52) – June’s flower, hydrangea

June is here and that means 3 things.  First, summer starts later this month.  Also, it’s the start of rainy season in Japan.  But probably most beautiful is the blooming of hydrangea.  There are a couple of places in Kamakura that are famous for hydrangea, Meigetsuin and Hasedera temples.  I’m hoping to visit Hasedera later this month to see the hydrangea in full bloom.  I’ve already seen them blooming in Meigetsuin.  Below is the purple variety.  I’ve also seen blue, pink and green flowers.  Which is your favourite?

Hydrangea, or ajisai, as it’s known in Japan.



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8 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (22/52) – June’s flower, hydrangea

  1. My favourite colour is the one that’s 30% blue and 30% pink and 30% purple and 10% I-have-no-idea. I refer to it as “ajisai blue” for want of a better word.

    PS: Don’t forget the irises!

    • The multicoloured ones? 🙂 I’ve seen plenty that are both blue and purple with green in the middle. But I believe green ones are older flowers that have lost their original colour.

  2. Flower pics mean your gay….the whole baby thing was a scam!! I see through you!!!! 😉

  3. tom

    I love the colors of the flower. I see these ones called wisteria all the time that are roughly the same color as the one in your picture, but yours comes in so many varieties. Lucky. Nice shot.

  4. I just saw some flowers like this today…weird how things hang in your mind. I thought of this post. Maybe I will associate that kinda flower with this post forever….the brain….trippy 😉

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