2012 Picture of the Week (21/52) – Solar Eclipse

Just 2 1/2 hours ago, I saw something that hasn’t happened in 173 years in Japan, an annular solar eclipse.  Where I live, I was in the path of totality, which was very fortunate.  Unfortunately, the forecast was for clouds.  Fortunately, the clouds were thin enough at times to be able to see the ring.  It wasn’t very bright, so it was possible to look at it without solar glasses, but only for a brief glance.  It’s still dangerous to look at it for any period.  However, the clouds had a few gaps, so we could use the solar glasses.  It was amazing!  I couldn’t take a picture of the total eclipse, as it was too cloudy for the solar glasses, yet it was too bright for my iPhone to focus on the ring.  All I got was a bright blob where the sun was.  But when the clouds cleared up, I used the solar glasses and my iPhone together to get some pictures.  This was my best picture, shortly after total eclipse.

Annular solar eclipse, shortly after totality.

Did you see the eclipse and take a picture?

[Edit: fixed the last annular eclipse date for Japan.  173 years ago, not 932.]



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9 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (21/52) – Solar Eclipse

  1. I think the last one was in the 19th Century, not the 11th 😉
    Personally, I was in bed. Takamatsu was not on the path of totality and I needed some sleep.

  2. Watched in awe, didn’t take any photos.
    PS: Solar glasses + iPhone = MacGyver.
    PPS: Do only old fogies know about MacGyver? 😉

  3. japanaustralia

    Yes, I heard about it yesterday and have seen a lot of great pictures today. I believe the last one in Tokyo was around 173 years ago 🙂

    Hey Rurousha, Some of us do know about MacGyver. He was huge in Australia as well 🙂

    Japan Australia

  4. tom

    I watched it from LA and it was pretty cool. First eclipse that I’ve been able to catch. Though the permanent spots in my eyes might prevent any future ones for me. I wish I coulda seen the whole ring like you guys got.

    • This is the second eclipse I’ve seen. The last one was when I was in elementary school, and we used a pinhole camera to view it. This is the first I’ve directly observed, and the only annular eclipse I’ve seen. It was quite remarkable.

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