2012 Picture of the Week (19/52) – Spring sunset

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Yokohama, and I took this picture as I was leaving work. The sun is setting farther north on the horizon as summer quickly approaches. I thought the colour came out quite well on this photo. No filters as always!

The Tanzawa Mountains are on the left in this sunset picture from Yokohama.



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6 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (19/52) – Spring sunset

  1. I love the “in between” colours in the sky – is it yellow? red? pink? purple? blue? what?

    • I’m curious about between the yellow and blue. It’s not green, is it? It just seems to transition between those two colours without mixing.

  2. japanaustralia

    Yes, some beautiful colours present in the sky. Summer will soon be upon Japan for another year. How do you feel about summer in Japan? Some people love it, while others are not big fans.

    Japan Australia

  3. I love sunset/sunrise. Something about a few moments in transition is so beautiful.

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