Instagram 21-30

Here is the next batch of Instagram pictures.  These were taken on May 27-30, 2011.  As before, please leave a comment stating which picture you like the best and why, as well as which picture you like the least and why.  Thank you!

Red light in the rain (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Spiral ramp (Asahi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

Huge underground passage connects 3 train lines (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Through the door (Izumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

2 Sotetsu trains at the terminal (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Rain streaks on the bus

Fast flowing mini river (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Video tape on a bus stop bench. They’ve been there for 2 days.

Did someone have sushi delivered?



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12 responses to “Instagram 21-30

  1. Favourite: the two trains at the station, because I like trains in general and the perspective of this photo in particular.

    I thought the bus window was a spider web. That’s a nice one, too.

    Least favourite? Maybe next time. ^^

  2. japanaustralia

    My favourite is “Through the door (Izumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)” because I like the different angles and there is a lot of interest in the picture 🙂

    Japan Australia

  3. Anonymous

    I like Biscuit. Also the rain on the bus windows, at first I thought you had taken pictures of the stars.

  4. Instagram makes things look so cool. Wish I had more occasion to use it. =P

    • It’s a great tool. There are people who think it’s stupid and that only teenagers use it to post pictures of themselves in mirrors, but it can be a very useful artistic tool.

  5. Great pics – I’m an instagram fan myself – so I shall follow! And I agree with the comment above, love the subway station pic with the two trains.


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