Where my readers live

WordPress recently upgraded their blog stats page, and one thing they introduced is stats by country.  It’s interesting to see where my readers live.  The top 3 are obvious, I think.  After the top 3, some are as expected, while others are a complete surprise.  But here are my top 20:

  1. USA – I’m slightly surprised this is first.
  2. Japan – I thought this would be first, but there is only a difference of 5 visitors.
  3. Canada – It’s where I’m from, and many of my readers are people I know in Canada.
  4. Australia – Another English speaking country.
  5. United Kingdom – Not a surprise.
  6. Singapore – Again, English speaking country, although a tiny one.
  7. Philippines – English speaking yet again.
  8. Indonesia – Seems there are plenty from southeast Asia.
  9. Malaysia – See?  More southeast Asia.  Where are the Europeans?
  10. France – The French like Japanese pop culture, don’t they?
  11. Netherlands – Interesting.  Well, the Dutch were a major player in the early days of European contact with Japan.
  12. Thailand – Back to southeast Asia.
  13. Spain – More Europe.
  14. Russia – A neighbour of Japan’s.  Surprised it’s this low.
  15. Germany – I’ve heard some of my students compare Japanese personality with Germans.
  16. Italy – Italian food is popular in Japan.
  17. Mexico – This one’s a surprise.
  18. India – Lower than I thought.  There are a lot of Indian people in Japan.
  19. Brazil – Also lower than I thought.  A large Brazilian population in Japan.
  20. Tie: Vietnam and South Korea – I honestly thought there’d be more interest in Korea.

So, there we have it.  Any surprises?



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17 responses to “Where my readers live

  1. My top countries are quite similar to yours, but for some reason I seem to be quite popular in Poland. Think it’s 5th our something!

  2. japanaustralia

    No, not too surprising and very similar to my stats. My top 5 is USA, Australia, Japan, UK and Canada. I also have Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and France in the top 10. It is very interesting stuff indeed 🙂

    Japan Australia

  3. All I know is, we SEAs love all things Japanese & Koreans. Well, the young uns do. 🙂

  4. I’m one of your new Japan visitors. I recently started reading (and enjoying!) your blog after I was introduced to it on Lina’s blog.

    I can add a few exotic African locations to my list, but I think it’s all due to odd assorted family members. ^^

    • Thank you for the comment! I checked out your blog, and now I have a few new places I want to visit. Definitely adding your blog to my blogroll 🙂

  5. Yep, top ones are all English speaking except for Poland Maybe some ESL teachers there or something – no idea!. Germany highest of other non-eng speaking countries.

    • I’m not surprised about Germany being higher (largest European population outside of Russia) and probably a good business relationship between the countries.

  6. The situation is similar to me. My top 5 is USA, Japan, UK, “India” and Canada. I was surprised at the India.

  7. Japan
    United States
    United Kingdom

    My top 5..no surprises really.

  8. Steve

    Do you know if they filter out search engine robots? The Googlebot is US-based and that would be visiting your site on a daily basis, if not multiple times per day. In fact, I do all of my blog reading via the RSS feed in Google Reader, so it wouldn’t even tally me as a US visitor unless I come to post a comment.

    Although China’s not even in your top 20 and the Baidu-bot has been really active lately (at least on my sites), but it might not have a geo-resolvable IP address.

    • Pretty sure they’re filtered out, considering the lack of visitor activity on my other blogs much of the time. WordPress is very good at filtering out non-human activity, including spam.

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