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Where my readers live

WordPress recently upgraded their blog stats page, and one thing they introduced is stats by country.  It’s interesting to see where my readers live.  The top 3 are obvious, I think.  After the top 3, some are as expected, while others are a complete surprise.  But here are my top 20:

  1. USA – I’m slightly surprised this is first.
  2. Japan – I thought this would be first, but there is only a difference of 5 visitors.
  3. Canada – It’s where I’m from, and many of my readers are people I know in Canada.
  4. Australia – Another English speaking country.
  5. United Kingdom – Not a surprise.
  6. Singapore – Again, English speaking country, although a tiny one.
  7. Philippines – English speaking yet again.
  8. Indonesia – Seems there are plenty from southeast Asia.
  9. Malaysia – See?  More southeast Asia.  Where are the Europeans?
  10. France – The French like Japanese pop culture, don’t they?
  11. Netherlands – Interesting.  Well, the Dutch were a major player in the early days of European contact with Japan.
  12. Thailand – Back to southeast Asia.
  13. Spain – More Europe.
  14. Russia – A neighbour of Japan’s.  Surprised it’s this low.
  15. Germany – I’ve heard some of my students compare Japanese personality with Germans.
  16. Italy – Italian food is popular in Japan.
  17. Mexico – This one’s a surprise.
  18. India – Lower than I thought.  There are a lot of Indian people in Japan.
  19. Brazil – Also lower than I thought.  A large Brazilian population in Japan.
  20. Tie: Vietnam and South Korea – I honestly thought there’d be more interest in Korea.

So, there we have it.  Any surprises?


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