Sunset at Shonan Beach

Last Friday, we walked down to the beach along the Hikiji River in Fujisawa.  We arrived at the beach near sunset, so we were treated to a wonderful display of the sun setting behind Mt Fuji.  Enjoy the pictures!

This was taken from a pedestrian bridge. Mt Fuji was visible, but due to the brightness of the sun, it overwhelmed my iPhone camera.

Looking a little farther north, you can see the Tanzawa Mountains and the Hikiji River.

Looking southeast, Enoshima was visible.

After crossing the pedestrian bridge, we looked west toward Mt Fuji. Again, you can't see it in this photo.

Mt Fuji is beginning to become visible.

Looking over to Enoshima, there are a lot of surfers in the water.

From the beach, I took this great shot of Enoshima.

The sun is beginning to go behind Mt Fuji in this shot.

I love the colours in this photo.

Zooming in on Mt Fuji a bit. Great shot.

Nice colours in this one. The sun has now gone behind Mt Fuji.

One final look at Mt Fuji, now that the sun has gone completely behind it.

We were quite fortunate that we arrived at the beach at this time, and that the clouds weren’t obstructing our view.  It was amazing to see!


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12 responses to “Sunset at Shonan Beach

  1. Nice shots
    I always loved to watch the sea (even for hours).
    Now I live far from the sea near beautiful montains (like the Mont Blanc).
    But I letterally filed myself with ocean when I sailed (as an amateur).
    You should try to sail.
    You should try to be on the ocean during the night (but you won’t be able to shot in the dark)
    Please continue posting pictures

    • Thanks for the comment! I haven’t tried sailing, but I’ve done some ocean fishing. Not quite the same, of course. But I do enjoy being on boats. Mountains are great, too. I love hiking in the mountains.

  2. Love the one where Fuji looks like it’s erupting!! Very cool!!

  3. One of the most beautiful parts of Japan and some great shots. Love all the cool colours 🙂

    Japan Australia

  4. How beautiful. It’s really great scene. 🙂

  5. Whoa! Fiery sky! Love the photos!

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