2012 Picture of the Week (7/52) – River Maintenance

In Japan, a lot of urban rivers have an artificial appearance. They have unnatural banks, guiding them roughly along the same route they used to flow. One of the local rivers near Shonandai, the Hikichigawa, is an example of this. This week, I walked past the river, several weeks after I saw construction equipment in the river. They were flattening the riverbed and removing any large rocks. The area in this picture has stairs down to the river, where there were many rocks where people could go down and fish or play in the river. However, they removed them, most likely for safety reasons. Unfortunately, this has removed places where wading and shorebirds can fish from. This week, I have a bonus picture showing what they’ve been doing.

The publically accessible stairs on the left are now closed.

This sign explains what they're doing.



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2 responses to “2012 Picture of the Week (7/52) – River Maintenance

  1. Man, some things in Japan are identical to the point of not knowing where in the country the pic was taken.

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