On our way to the temple on January 1st, we were walking along the river and happened to see some big black birds.  I was quite surprised, because they’re cormorants.  I’d never seen them near our home before.  Cormorants are sometimes used in Japan for fishing.  What they do is catch the fish in the river, and the fishermen pull the cormorants back and have them let the fish go.  The cormorants we saw were wild, and they were sitting on the power lines above us.  It appeared that a couple of them were either fighting or doing some kind of courtship.

Fighting? Or are they in love?

Not so agressive looking now.

There were 6 cormorants on the lines!



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7 responses to “Cormorants

  1. > Cormorants are sometimes used in Japan for fishing.
    That is fascinating. How do they do that? Do they tie a line to the birds legs and pull it in once it has caught a fish or does the bird return with the fish of it’s own free will (without eating it first).

    • They tie a snare around the base of the cormorant’s neck, so it doesn’t swallow the fish. It’s been done for more than 1000 years in Japan and China, and apparently, it’s also been done for a few hundred years in Europe.

  2. I also have never seen cormorants near my house in Chiba.
    You are very lucky.

  3. Got some National Geographic/JDiJ going on 🙂 I actually think I saw something about that fishing style on there once. I hope the male one scored or they were laughing about their brazen escape from their fisherman overlords 🙂

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