My Top 5 (or 6) Instagram Photos

Since May 2011, I’ve been using the incredibly popular Instagram app for iPhone, and have taken more than 300 photos since then.  The users of Instagram can like and comment on photos as much as they want.  Below are my top 5 (actually, top 6) most liked photos.

3rd place (4 way tie)

An incredible sunset near my home.

A black and white photo of the Odakyu Shonandai Station platform.

An unusually empty Sotetsu Line car.


A big X on the platform of Futamatagawa Station. This was also chosen as a top picture for Instagramhub.

2nd Place

Under the Shonan Monorail.

1st Place

Mt Fuji at sunset through 2 fences, trees and above an industrial building.

I was quite surprised at the most liked photo.  It’s a rather grainy picture that I used zoom with.  It looks good on the phone, but not so great on a computer.  So, what do you think?  Which do you like the best?


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6 responses to “My Top 5 (or 6) Instagram Photos

  1. Steve

    For me the top three would be the two station shots and the empty rail car. The first two for the good lines running though them that draw the eye in and nice pallettes, and for the car the combination of color and lines that gives it an almost otherworldly effect, plus it’s a nice crisp shot. I agree with you on the Mt Fuji shot – nothing particulaly spectacular about it in this setting, due to the zoom artifacts and the fence crossbar disrupting the picture, and certainly some of your other images are better shots.

    Of course public interest is sometimes tough to gauge and as a picture gets popular it often keeps getting more popular in a snowball effect. I’ve seen this on Flickr with my own shots where ones I thought were great are ignored, and silly pix of cats get thousands of views…

    • I think people just like the thought of Mt Fuji at sunset. However, I have a rather clear photo of a snowcapped Mt Fuji which has nowhere near as many likes as this one. It’s underperformed.

  2. The empty train. All I see is a buncha places to stretch out and sleep 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to take a shot of the Shonan monorail. That’s cool! 🙂

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