How I’m spending New Year’s

As I write this, it’s very early New Year’s Eve morning, and I haven’t gone to bed yet.  We’re on holiday, and time seems to have no meaning right now.  My wife is playing a game on her computer, and I happened to be playing the same game, though an earlier version.  Well, I’ll be going to bed soon.  But before I do, here’s my plan for the next couple of days.

New Year’s Eve will consist of staying home, eating, watching TV and probably doing a blog post or two.  It seems that my wife’s sister is delivering some food that their grandmother made for us, so I guess that’s our dinner (we were going to have homemade fish and chips).  Also, we’re going to record the Gaki no Tsukai year end special.  My wife doesn’t really like their kind of humour, but I find the year end special to be very funny.  The local shrine has some lights set up, and I’ll probably pop by around midnight to see how they do things when the New Year starts.  I’ll also be drinking some beer.  What will I blog about?  My plans are for a Year in Review kind of post, as well as a top 5 Instagram photo of the year post.

New Year’s Day was originally supposed to be spent at the in-laws’ house, but due to our baby being in the breach position, we have an appointment at the clinic on the first.  That’s how the day will start, at the clinic, seeing if the baby will be born naturally or by C-section.  After that, we have more relaxing and eating coming up.  Meatloaf and gravy for dinner!  And sake (Hakkaizan, to be more specific)!  And the big thing for the new year is that I’m starting up the Photo of the Week again.  I missed it, and want to do it again.  Also, I plan to put up all of my Instagram photos, 10 at a time each week.



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6 responses to “How I’m spending New Year’s

  1. The calmness of the New Years celebration in Japan always blew me away when compared with the craziness back home (U.S.A).
    Enjoy your comparably peaceful New Years celebration 🙂

  2. Meatloaf sounds very good. Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good plan! I’ll be doing something similar, minus the baby appointment (unless something really crazy happens at the temple!!). Hope all goes well on 1st. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks! It was a very good 1st of the year. Baby’s doing great, including moving back to the head down position, and she even stuck her tongue out at us. Great picture of her doing that! 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too!

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