A letter to selfish Canadians regarding tsunami debris

I was reading the news on CBC’s website today, and came across an article about how the cleanup of tsunami debris will be quite difficult when it hits the west coast of Canada.  It’s quite understandable that it’ll require a lot of effort to clean up, but when I read the comments, I was disgusted.  But what would you expect from the average commenter on the Internet?  I’d like to address some of the moronic points brought up by some selfish idiots who call themselves Canadian.

Japan should pay for the cleanup.  I don’t think so.  Natural disasters have no borders, and they are not the responsibility of the local government when it affects other countries.  Japan is going to be paying for the recovery from this disaster for many years.  The Vancouver area is also expecting a megathrust earthquake of around magnitude 9.0 in the near future.  What should happen when it happens?  Vancouver will be devastated, I’m quite sure.  Should all other countries just sit by and watch what happens and not offer any support?  Japan, with its extensive experience with earthquakes, will probably be one of the first countries to offer assistance to Canada.  The debris from Canada’s likely earthquake will spread to Alaska.  Will the USA demand that Canada pay for the cleanup?  Not likely.  So why is it that a handful of selfish idiots in Canada would demand that Japan pay for the cleanup?  Show some humanity, you morons.  No one is demanding Iceland pay for damages caused by the volcano.  No one is demanding the USA pay for flooding of the Red River in Manitoba.

Japan should be punished because they hunt whales.  This is unrelated!  How dare you think this is some kind of retribution for a whale hunt?  Besides, this is hypocritical.  What about the seal hunt in Canada that is condemned by many around the world?

Japan is at fault because they build along the coast.  What?  Every single country in the world with access to the ocean does that!  Okay then, abandon Vancouver and Victoria.  Everyone should move inland.  Also, most habitable land in Japan is coastal.  Inland areas are mostly mountains and uninhabitable by large populations.  Or are you suggesting that Japan start leveling some mountains to build new inland cities?  Idiots.

The whaling ships should be used to clean up this debris.  I don’t understand how this would be possible.  That’s a tiny number of ships and a huge amount of debris.  It’s not physically possible.  Think with your brain, if you have one.

The Japanese destroyed a whole ocean ecosystem.  Uh, how did the Japanese people cause the earthquake and tsunami.  You, sir, are an idiot.

Japan should be embarrassed by this mess.  Yes, they should be very embarrassed about having a natural disaster that was not their fault.  Again, only idiots make statements like this.

“A single minor earthquake in Kobe killed thousands ruined Japan’s economy. A stronger earthquake struck Seattle years later with no deaths and only minor damage.” Kobe’s earthquake was shallow, and it was not minor.  It caused a lot of damage because it was shallow.  Seattle’s earthquake in 2001 was quite deep, which is why it did not cause much damage.  I was living in Victoria at that time, so I was also a “victim” of that earthquake.  If it had been a shallow earthquake, the devastation would have been far, far worse.  March’s earthquake was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, and the 4th largest recorded in the world!  It’s a very unfair comparison.  Seattle and Vancouver will likely be devastated in the Cascadia megathrust earthquake that’s expected.

There are more comments that are stupid and uneducated, but these are the worst of them.  Japan went through a massive disaster, thousands of people died and are still homeless, a large amount of rebuilding needs to be done, and all these idiots can think of is themselves.  For those of you who agree with the ignorant statements I mentioned, you should remove yourself from society and spend the rest of your lives living in some dark hole in the ground, or at least get some kind of education in humanity.  You are not human, you are garbage.


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25 responses to “A letter to selfish Canadians regarding tsunami debris

  1. Well, as the old saying goes, opinions are like …

  2. There are even idiots commenting that the debris is radioactive. What morons.

  3. I’ve been seeing some of these “articles” and the things people are claiming are debris, like Chinese tea bottles and such. I think what happens is when something gets a lot of attention it attracts certain people who are more into getting attention for themselves. Thus they say really inane things because they want people to react and give them more attention.

    I doubt if most Canadians feel as the attention wanters are acting. I’ve seen other articles where there are people who are definitely thinking about what this all means and how important it is to handle things with respect because there may be things found which are the only thing left of those who were lost and their loved ones will need that respect. There are Native American tribal members who are planing to work with handling things since they live along some of the coastal areas.

    I see this as our second way to help Japan and I know there are other people that feel the same way. I hope there will be coordination by organizations like the Coast Guard and police as to making sure what is found is handled appropriately. I think most people will try to do the same. Of course there will be those trying to get attention and money but I think most people won’t want to give that to them, it’s way too sensitive an event.

    Really, most news websites are like honey to those who want attention and think they are being controversial and funny. Yeah it’s sick at times. I find it best to try and ignore them and focus on doing some good instead.

    And also, I wish people would look up the differences between Chinese writing and Japanese writing and realize that Vancouver has a large number of Chinese citizens so it makes sense that bottles with Chinese characters might wash up along the shores of Canada. Considering it’s Winter now and storms are rolling through there is a lot more debris on the beaches. I know, I live in Southern California and quite aware how trash from the cities ends up in the oceans. I say all this because I saw the bottles on that surfer’s page and all but one was Chinese even though the original article claimed they were Japanese writing. As for the lumber that washed up, the North West is a major exporter of lumber and one of the countries that imports more lumber than most is Japan. They buy the lumber here and have it shipped to Japan so it’s quite possible that lumber stamped Japan can get washed off a ship heading for Japan or fell into the water as it was being loaded, later to wash up onto the shore.

    Sorry this is so long but having been there for the disasters I understand some of the feelings that are coming into play, and there is going to be a lot more of weird articles and odd claims. Try not to let the attention wanters get to you.

    • Thanks for the comment. Long comments most welcome, too 🙂

      I understand quite well that most of these people are desperate for attention. It’s just sad, though. They seem to have no life other than trying to attract attention to themselves. Unfortunately, there are naive and gullible people who will believe their comments. That’s what I dislike. Hopefully, I can do a little good for a handful of people who may come across this post.

      The Chinese vs Japanese thought came across my mind, as well. How do they know it’s from Japan? I know people in Canada who have no idea that there’s a difference.

      • I think random beach combers may not know the different in the writing, that there is no Hiragana or Katakana in Chinese writing. But there are experts and others there that do know the difference. Plus there are a lto of Asians that live in the Vancouver area who also can say which is which.

        Something else people should keep in mind that these items have been out there for over nine months exposed to the elements and salt water, not to mention the damage from the tsunami and fires that happened in some places. I saw a photo of a Japanese water bottle today that looked brand new but the person was trying to claim it came from the tsunami debris. Bottles from the tsunami debris won’t have perfect labels on them. Far from it.

        Funny thing is I can go to one of the Japanese markets down the street and get a lot of Japanese bottles, drive down to the beaches a few miles from here and dump them and then claim they came over from the tsunami. Or just wait and see what happens and then spill the beans.

        No, it’s going to be very sad when things do start washing ashore. I know there are some groups who are going to go out to where the debris is now and see what they can do. I think that is a really good idea at least for personal items if possible.

        I have been wondering if anyone in Japan has issued any official statements regarding the debris? They seem more than eager to sign off on Fukushima Dai-ichi…why not say something about this situation?

        • I think that the thing I’d be worried about is finding human remains washing up on the shore. Someone even suggested having schoolchildren going along the shore helping out with the cleanup. I don’t think so.

  4. “But what would you expect from the average commenter on the Internet?”

    The average one? Oh…not much….not much at all. They tend to make you lose faith in humanity if you extrapolate too much meaning from their ignorance. If you can find even a few folks with the ability to talk about deep topics without going into “bunker” mode your lucky.

  5. That is totally disgusting.

    Not just so many ignorant commentors out there but also a lot of “news” sites that encourage it. They don’t actually say anything ignorant or racist or hateful but put it out there in such a way that it does attract the morons they know will react to it and bring in traffic.

  6. Oh God, you tube comments represent the lowest 5% of humanity in terms of intelligence, I swear.

    Yes you have many people on the internet who think they know something. I especially think the comment “Japan should be embarrassed by this mess.” is telling. Clearly this person is confused, and is linking the admittedly shady handling of the nuclear meltdown with the fact that debris from the earthquake exists, when the two are really in no way connected. The plant could be standing proud and tall, pumping out energy and there .would still be debris from the earthquake. Earthquakes tend to destroy things…

    Now if they were saying Japan should pay for the *decontamination* of the debris that’s a different story, but that’s assuming the debris is radioactive in the first place.

    • Considering the lifetime of the radioactive materials and the dispersal of much of them by the ocean, I’d say there’s a very small chance of the debris being radioactive. Not to mention that only the debris from around the nuclear power plants would have any contamination.

      • On top of that I thought that the tsunami hit the coast and receded (with the debris) days before the nuclear situation manifested itself.

        • I believe that’s the case. The radioactive water that leaked from the power plant was due to the backup generator being damaged, and unable to cool the water any longer. This happened after the water receded.

  7. Ugh, these people have no clue. And I’m sure a lot of them, if challenged to back up their opinion would be lost. They are in front of a computer and enjoy feeling like their opinion matters, even if for a second.

    • I’d like to see these people try to say what they said to someone in person. Could they do it without sounding stupid? Although trying to explain how they’re wrong might not work. A lot of people are stubborn about their own opinions.

  8. S Fraser

    Very well said. It is amazing what people will write under to protection of a computer.

  9. Chris Hawkins

    I stumbled accross your blog post and wanted to say how correct you are.

    As a Canadian that lived in Japan for 10+ years and have loads of family there I am very embarrassed by the reactions by those along the west cost. Statements like “invasion of junk” are hard to hear. That “junk” are peoples lives lost. Being back home I am shocked at how bad we Canadians have become. The social landscape has changed… And not for the better.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s been more than 7 years since I’ve lived in Canada, and it probably won’t be another 5 until I live there again, but I’m curious how things will have changed. Better? Worse? Japan went through an unimaginable tragedy, and all people can say is that Japan needs to clean it up. Sad.

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