You can now see my Instagram photos!

Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you to take pictures, apply filters and share with other Instagram users.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t share on the web, nor does it have a public gallery.  After searching for a website that does that, I’ve now started using Instagrid.  Please check out my Instagram photos!  If you want to see the full size, click on the little camera picture to the bottom right of the picture, where you’ll also see the comments and who liked the picture.


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6 responses to “You can now see my Instagram photos!

  1. I see an add in your post. Can you post the instagrams inside the post?

    I think Loco is on WordPress..? Maybe he knows?

  2. jim

    The colours in your photos on Instagrid do not seem overly saturated. Loco’s photos to me are extreme in colour saturation.
    I enjoy your photos. Thanks for your postings.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed my photos. I usually don’t use the filter that saturates the colours. I tend to use more muted colours, though sometimes I want the stronger colours to come through. I prefer more detail in my pictures.

  3. Hello,

    we just released Instagram Widget to help you show your Instagram Photos on your website –

    Let us know if you’ll need any help!

    Instagram Widget Team

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