Advice to nationalists

Today is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War in World War II, and this is also one of the days that right-wing nationalists come out to protest against Americans, Chinese, Koreans, and pretty much any other foreigner in Japan.  Well, I wish I could ask one several questions, such as what they watch on TV, what their favourite movies are, what food they like, and so on.  Here’s some advice to nationalists.

Don’t watch any foreign movies.  Only watch Japanese movies.  Don’t watch any foreign TV dramas, only Japanese.  Don’t eat yakiniku, it’s Korean.  Don’t eat gyoza, it’s Chinese.  Don’t eat tempura, it’s Dutch.  Don’t use an iPhone, it’s American.  Don’t go to a doctor, the techniques were developed by foreigners.  Don’t eat pasta or pizza, it’s Italian.  Don’t eat hamburg steak, it’s American.  Don’t wear glasses, they originated in Europe.  Don’t drive a car, they were invented in Germany.  Don’t use computers, they’re an American invention.  Don’t use telephones, they were developed in Canada/USA.  Don’t use the train, they’re a European invention.  Don’t use airplanes, they’re American, too.  Don’t use a western style toilet, that’s British.  Don’t use forks, they’re Byzantine in origin.  Don’t drink Coke, that’s American.  Don’t even drink Ramune, it’s British.  Don’t eat ramen, it’s Chinese.  Don’t wear western style clothes, only wear traditional Japanese clothes.  You should be wearing geta, not your Nike sneakers.  Do you have a watch?  Get rid of it, it’s German.  Don’t use toilet paper, it’s a Chinese invention.  Don’t even be a Buddhist, that’s an import from China (although originally from India).  Do you feel hot in summer?  Don’t use an air conditioner, that’s an American invention.  I can go on and on.

If you want to live in a Japan free from any foreign influence, that is impossible.  That kind of Japan never existed.  That kind of Japan will never exist.  You need to start living in reality.  Do you want to live in a Japan without all the things I listed?  Japan’s survival depends on its ability to adapt to changing global conditions and to have good relationships with other countries.  What are you afraid of?  You can’t cope with change.  The world is always changing.  You need to learn to change with it.

I love Japan.  I’m not your enemy, I’m trying to be a friend.



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14 responses to “Advice to nationalists

  1. Great post. Most of them are affiliated with Yakuza who import Foreign poor women with “Entertainment Visa’s” and then sell them to an Ojisan which lines them and their polluted blood “halfu’s” to become full citizens which absolutely goes against the Nationalists bullshit. They are fucking hypocrites. They speak outta both sides of their mouths. They would never get rid of the things you mentioned. They simply don’t have any policy that can’t be screamed into a mega phone for 3 hours b4 going off to Mcdonalds for a Big mac.

    Saw one of their trucks and members chowing down on some Mickey D’s one time.

    They are fucking asshats. Being patriotic is not to be confused with your post. I respect and encourage that. I think Japan should re-militarize and build a thriving Military Industrial Complex for economic reasons but these black truck pinheads?…..fucking tools…almost everyone under 50…pure double speak tools.

    • Thanks for the comment. Hypocrites is exactly what they are. I agree, being patriotic is a good thing. Japan should have its own full military, just like almost every other country in the world. But I say that if they want to be totally nationalist, they should go right ahead and live like they’re in the stone age.

  2. But a lot of nationalists (not only in Japan) are very good at claiming things from other countries actually came from their own country originally.

  3. Anonymous

    Most of those pro-Uyoku are not Japanese but Korean!!

  4. A japanese woman in the US

    Hi, I happened to be your blog by google. I just want to let you know some facts about those Uyoku.

    Japanese Uyoku

    This blog also might be interesting for you. Some of the truth behind the Japanese media.

  5. I agree, great post and funny :-). I always try to follow the 80-20 rule, in this case, it is more list 99-1 (or less) as there are always extremists in every part of the world.

  6. cocomino

    I know nationalists but I have never met with them. They are really few, I think.
    Their job is to oppose every thing which other Japanese did.
    Anyway thank you for liking Japan.

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