The semi-regular “Coming Soon” post

I call this my procrastination post.  I have plenty more pictures to post, and should get one done this weekend.  But for those of you who wonder what’s coming up, here’s what to expect:

I will first get caught up with Exploring Japan (and others), with the following:

  • Samukawa Shrine
  • Kamakura Festival 2010
  • Sky Tree and Ryogoku
  • Tokeiji
  • My giant 35km walk from Kamakura to Jogashima (Kamakura, Zushi, Hayama, Yokosuka, Miura)
  • Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden
  • Enoshima (this is a big one)
  • Ofuna (artistic photos)
  • Meigetsuin
  • Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park
  • Odaiba – Miraikan
  • Kamakura temples (3 featured temples)
  • Yuigahama Beach (again)
  • Kurihama and Perry Park
  • Teien Art Museum
  • My big 26km Kamakura to Oiso walk (Kamakura, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Oiso)

After that, I will finally get to work on Japan by Train, as well as Flashback.  I still have many photos from 2005-2009 to post, including Atami, Odawara, Kamakura, many from Tokyo, Yokohama, hiking photos, museums, and mountain climbing, including Mt Fuji, Takaosan and Oyama.  So much to do!  On top of that, I’ll be doing my other new blog.



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4 responses to “The semi-regular “Coming Soon” post

  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward tothe beach pics!

  2. Looking forward to the walk reports!

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