Congratulations to Japan’s World Cup winners!

I’m not a soccer fan, but I am very happy Japan won the Women’s World Cup. This should be a huge morale boost for Japan, which is still feeling the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. What I am disgusted about is how many Americans on Twitter and elsewhere have been badmouthing Japan with comments about Pearl Harbor and racial slurs. Honestly, grow up and take the loss like an adult who doesn’t dwell on the past. It’s a great thing for Japan to have this win.

On a related note, I wasn’t upset and insulting Americans when the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. Boston deserved the win. Japan deserved this win.



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16 responses to “Congratulations to Japan’s World Cup winners!

  1. Were there many anti-Japan “tweets” after this game?
    I don’t read Twitter so I didn’t know.

  2. bakacy

    Geez those racists…why can’t they admit defeat?
    I saw the game and I must say that both teams did their best, congratulation to Japan for winning!!

  3. I didn’t know that Americans still badmouth Japan.
    However, I’m glad that you support and comment our win.

    By the way my birthday is 8th December..

    • It happens. Quite often, if some Americans are upset at any country, they’ll badmouth them. It happened when France refused to go to Iraq. It also happened when Canada refused to go to Iraq.

      Ok. Why do you want me to know your birthday? 🙂

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