Japan is unique because…

Sometimes I get some of the strangest comments from a few people in Japan, I have to wonder if they’ve ever learned about anything outside of Japan.  One of the most common comments I’ve had is that Japan is unique because it has 4 seasons.  It’s as if only Japan gets 4 seasons.  When I tell them that Canada has 4 seasons, they’re shocked to discover this.  They thought only Japan has 4 seasons.  I then go on to tell them that every country outside of the tropics has 4 seasons.  It really seems to surprise them.  They then go on to say that Japan’s seasons are special, and describe them briefly.  Then I tell them that’s what it’s like in Canada, too.  I think I’ve shattered a few people’s bubbles that they live in.  And that’s a good thing.

On a similar note, even though I’ve been in Japan for more than 6 years, I still have people telling me about rainy season as if it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.


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12 responses to “Japan is unique because…

  1. I get the same thing…WHAT do they teach in Geography and Science anyway??

    • It completely baffles me why people don’t understand this. I’ve even had some people ask me when seasons start in Canada. Exactly the same time as here and everywhere else in the northern hemisphere! The earth’s tilt isn’t different for each country.

  2. As much as I love Japanese people for the most part, they really need to start realizing that the laws of physics, nature, geography and whatnot are the same all over the world.

    • Sometimes I feel like I’m educating people about the world outside of Japan, not just teaching English. We’re all on the same Earth, Japan doesn’t have some time shifting bubble around it.

  3. bakacy

    Hello! I am a new reader!
    You are lucky to live and have lived in places that have four seasons.
    I live in a country with only two season: Rainy and Dry!
    Right now I am experiencing the Dry Season where the unbearable temperature can reach 35 Celsius.

    It’s my dream to live in Japan, even though I understand all the difficulties I will face with the inherited racism there. Despite that, I’ve started reading different blogs of foreigners living there just to get some deal of how it actually is!

    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (:

    • Hello! Thank you for the comment!

      You live in a tropical country? Where are you from? In Japan, it can also regularly reach 35 degrees in summer, but it’s humid. Very uncomfortable!

      There’s not much to worry about with racism here. The racism that happens in Japan is annoying, but not dangerous. I actually rarely ever notice it. It’s not something I really think about.

      • bakacy

        Cyprus! You know it?
        It’s not really tropical, more of a dessert. Because of the Sahara, all the dust is carried away by the wind and deposits on the island. You will rarely see any forests in my country. Everything is dry or covered with sand!

        • Oh really? I know Cyprus. Very historical country, isn’t it? I understand your climate, it’s Mediterranean. But even so, I’ve heard it’s a very nice place!

          • bakacy

            It is, if you are a tourist!
            But believe me, it can be kind of boring especially to a youngster because it is a small country and it can’t offer much.
            At least we have sunny beaches right outside of our front door! (:

  4. bakacy

    5 minutes with the car (:

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