Exploring Japan: Day and Night view from Landmark Tower – March 26, 2010

Watching the city change while the sun goes down is an interesting thing to see.  Everything goes from light to dark, while all the lights turn on.  I was in the Sky Garden at Landmark Tower when the sun was setting, and this was a great opportunity for some pictures.  Enjoy the photos!

Looking toward Queen's Square and the Grand Intercontinental Hotel at Minatomirai.

Here's Cosmo World with the big ferris wheel and Aka-Renga area.

There are plenty of new condo buildings here, as well as Pacifico Yokohama and Rinko Park.

This is looking toward Yokohama Station.

Looking west over Yokohama, toward Minami Ward.

Down there is Sakuragicho Station and the new TOC Minatomirai building. It's starting to get darker out.

Here's the harbour area. More lights are coming on.

Looking south toward the Kannai area.

This big blue tunnel of lights was part of a lovers event in Landmark Tower.

Now that the sun has set, we revisit the Yokohama Station view.

And finally, the same view as the first picture. I like both day and night views.

Interested in finding this place?  Check out this map:

This post is taking part in the always wonderful “Show Me Japan!”


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11 responses to “Exploring Japan: Day and Night view from Landmark Tower – March 26, 2010

  1. What a wonderful set of photos! Thank you for sharing them, makes me miss the Tokyo area.

  2. That blue tunnel is cool as hell!!

  3. Yeah, I want that blue tunnel. How much did it cost to go up to the viewing platform?

  4. Those condos weren’t there last time I was there. That was pretty wide open just a few years ago. It was a matter of time.

    Was there much earthquake damage around there?

    • When I came to Japan, those condos weren’t there, either. There are also several office towers that have been built in the past 6 years. It’s mostly all developed now. Before, it was roads and dirt fields.

      As far as I know, very little damage in Yokohama. But since that area is infill, liquefaction was a major concern. I’d heard there was some, but I can’t confirm it. However, it seems everything there is normal.

  5. Very nice photos. I remember Minato Mirai from the first time I was there in 2004.

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