The Sakuranbo Cola

A while back, I wrote about the surprisingly good strawberry flavoured Ichigo Soda by Sapporo. Well, Sapporo has another fruity drink out called The Sakuranbo Cola. Sakuranbo is Japanese for cherry. It’s supposed to be a cherry cola. I was curious, so I tried it out. It looks nothing like a cola, more like the pink cream soda I had in Canada. It doesn’t taste like cola or cream soda. It has a cherry flavour, and isn’t bad. I still prefer Ichigo Soda.


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8 responses to “The Sakuranbo Cola

  1. Yossy

    Its intrested in your drink.I would like to try it.
    So I have tried drinking teh cherio soda as the same in Mexico.
    I remenber it is good for me.
    And in Taiwan there are many kinds of juice.
    Water melon and Tou-gan you try it.But almost of them is too sweet.

  2. Hmm…looks…sweet. Any resemblance to Cherry Coke or Pepsi?

  3. A pink cherry cola?! I wouldn’t have even considered buying that. It doesn’t look good at all!

    For a cola, I guess something like “Pepsi Dry” might be the best:

  4. I’d just buy it for the pinkness. Oooo mention of cherry cola. It’s been a while since I last had one of those. ^^

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