A tiny flower

I saw this little flower across the street from my home. Some are mostly white, but others are red and white, like in this photo. Do you know what it’s called?



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6 responses to “A tiny flower

  1. Nice photo.

    It’s called a Mthyasterine……

    j/k…I have no idea 😉

  2. Sharon

    Whatever it is its pretty

  3. Marilyn

    I’ve been trying to find this flowers name myself, your picture was the first I found.Through Googling I found out the flower is part of the Salvia family, known as Salvia Microphylla aka Salvia Hot Lips. We have it growing north of San Francisco In Marin County. My roommate & I both love it & now we can get more. Hope this helps & Happy New Year. Marilyn

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