Coming soon!

I’ve been planning to post some more pictures tonight, but I’m a bit tired and have a headache.  But it’s not stopping me from posting something.  I’ve finally gotten back into posting photos other than the picture of the week.  I’ll be working on getting my older photos on my old computer transfered to my newer computer soon.  But for a bit of a sneak preview, here’s what I’ll be posting soon:  Pictures from Yokosuka, Kawagoe, Ueno, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, Landmark Tower, a springtime walk around Kamakura, Samukawa Shrine, Kamakura Matsuri, Tokyo Sky Tree, Ryogoku, Tokeiji, my 35km walk from Kamakura to Jogashima, Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden, Enoshima, and more.  That’s just 2 months worth of photos from last year.

Also, I hope to do some more videos, maybe with me in them.  I want to get a new camera soon, so I’ll probably have some HD videos then.

As you may know, I took a 35 km walk from Ofuna in Kamakura to Jogashima in Miura last year.  I’m doing another walk on Thursday, but somewhat shorter.  I’ll be walking from Kamakura to Oiso (or maybe even Ninomiya), which is 20-22 km.  I also plan to do another walk sometime later this year from Oiso/Ninomiya to Yugawara.  I seem to be destined to walk the entire coastline of Kanagawa.  I’m unlikely to do any long walks during summer, though.  Too hot.

Any comments?  What are you looking forward to seeing?



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4 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. Man, it is a lot hotter over here in August than at anytime in Hawaii…I wouldn’t be taking hikes in that steamer either!!

  2. Sharon

    Enjoy your walk.

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