Exploring Japan: Enoshima Aquarium – February 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something for Exploring Japan.  Here’s a big one with plenty of pictures.  Last year, I went to the Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa city.  It’s one of the major aquariums in the Kanto area, and it has a great view of Sagami Bay, Enoshima and Mt Fuji.  This aquarium was renovated in recent years, and is also called Shin-Enoshima Aquarium.  There’s a very large tank with sharks and rays, you can walk under some rays that are swimming overhead, and you can watch the dolphin and whale show.  Yes, there is a False Killer Whale there.  I also experienced the hands-on touch tank, where I felt the skin of small sharks.  It felt like sandpaper, just like many people have said.

I’m going to keep captions to a minimum this time, so just enjoy the pictures.

Enoshima Aquarium with a very difficult to see Mt Fuji in the background.

The big tank.

The giant spider crab.

This is the view toward Izu. It's too hazy to have a clear view.

That's Enoshima. The tower is a lighthouse.

How do you find Shin-Enoshima Aquarium?  Check out this Google map:

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14 responses to “Exploring Japan: Enoshima Aquarium – February 8, 2010

  1. YT

    Great picture of an axolotl!

    • I had to Google axolotl to realise what you were talking about. The salamander 🙂 It’s been more than a year since I took these pictures, so I forgot a lot about what the animals are called. It’s an interesting animal, isn’t it?
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Goddamn…Jellyfish are mesmerizing!!

    Did you see the movie 7lbs??

  3. Like the pics of the pill-bug-looking crustaceans (guess that’s what they are) and that angler-ish fish head thing.

  4. Fish and ocean creatures in general creep me out, but I love aquariums! It’s a bit far from us, but maybe I can convince mister to have a field trip during my summer vacation 🙂

  5. Wow!! Makes me want to go scuba diving again, *now*!

    …apart from the Spider crab. I find them incredibly creepy. 😦

  6. and for me, I’d love to have the chance to swim amongst them. The problem with this for me though, I don’t swim that good.

    Would love to have the chance to stand and stare in front of that big tank. 🙂

  7. Fantastic photos! Gee, there really are plenty of fish in the sea.

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