Picture of the Week 50 – Stormy skies

Halfway to 100! But this is not the post for one full year of Picture of the Week. This week’s picture shows rather bleak, dark skies. It looks like some cold northern city, but is Yokohama. There was a storm forming over Tokyo, but we never saw any stormy weather here. This is a very different look from all the cherry blossom pictures I posted recently.

Ichigoichielove is hosting “Show Me Japan” again.  Go check it out!



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6 responses to “Picture of the Week 50 – Stormy skies

  1. Today was coooooold!! The weather on this island has changed since I got here.

  2. Uwahhhhh!!! Looks very dark and ominous!! o.O
    A bit scary even – nice to have a bit of a shake up from the Sakura though, much as I love ’em.
    Hope you had a great weekend and thank you for joining Show Me Japan! ^^

  3. I do love a good storm. I want it to come in, be thunder & lightningy, then go. Don’t seem to get them too often in Japan though.

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