Cherry blossoms at night

This time of year in Japan is well known for cherry blossoms. Although they are late this year, they are almost fully blooming. Last night, I was walking along the Hikichigawa River in Fujisawa, and had a great opportunity to take some night photos with my iPhone. In popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) locations, they are lit up. However, due to the power shortage caused by the tsunami, this is not possible this year. But I could find some lights on the path along the river. The different colours are from the lights. Enjoy the pictures!


Filed under Fujisawa, Japan, Kanagawa, Nature

2 responses to “Cherry blossoms at night

  1. The last photo is exceptionally pretty!
    The colours are so nostalgic.

    • Thanks for the comment! I can’t take credit for the colours, though. But it does give the pictures an interesting quality. The iPhone 3GS isn’t good in low light situations, but the street lights and path lights gave them interesting colours.

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