The real situation

Just a quick post with some updated information. The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains the same. They’re still pumping water in (actually, dropping it from helicopters), but there is good news. Power is expected to be restored to the power plant this afternoon, which will make things a lot easier to control the cooling. Western media has been reporting an explosion is going to happen, and the US Embassy is advising an 80 km evacuation radius. Japanese officials are denying that it’s needed. Radiation levels outside the 20 km radius are safe. In fact, radiation has been dropping over the past 12 hours. Tokyo is safe! Also, there’s been a large number of foreigners leaving the area. French and German governments are advising unnecessary evacuations of their nationals.

Again, I’d like to repeat, do not believe what you hear in western media. They sensationalise everything for ratings. Search for NHK World online and see if you cam watch or listen. It’s in English!



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  1. You bring up a good point. I live in the U.S., and most folks I know here take news broadcasts with a grain of salt (maybe a whole salt lick). Nevertheless, the news we get is really all the news we get.

    To give you an idea of how sensationalist and silly our news can be, the day of the tsunami experts and pundits and talking heads were asked to inform the public on possible impending dangers to the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington; I heard no mention of Alaska).

    Now Hawaii had already seen minimal effect from the tsunami, so it was pretty clear that there was going to be no major catastrophe here in Southern California, but CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX all sent warnings to stay off beaches, to move pleasure craft three miles off short, and so on.

    As most of us expected, except for a few minor instances up north in Crescent City and Santa Cruz, nothing happened. But even AS NOTHING WAS HAPPENING the broadcasters tried to make it appear as though great forces were tearing the coast apart: “Is that rippling on the marina’s water normal? Is that an indication of strong undercurrents? Is there danger to the boats moored in the harbor?”

    And, of course, harbor masters and lifeguards and police warned that, YES there COULD INDEED be incredibly dangerous currents beneath the surface.

    Well there weren’t. But that sort of non-news was being broadcast for hours and hours.

    Thank you for the update. It makes me think that the EXPECTED CLOUD OF DEATH is not on its way.


    • Well, TV programming has returned to normal shows, as there’s not really anything big to update, other than progress to the nuclear power plant cooling. I don’t think there’ll be a GIANT RADIATION CLOUD OF DEATH heading anywhere 🙂

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