Have people forgotten?

There’s so much focus on the nuclear problem that’s happening in Japan, I think many people are forgetting the victims of the tsunami. There are tens of thousands of people in shelters waiting for food and water that isn’t being delivered fast enough. People in the Tokyo area need to make sure they conserve gas and stop hoarding food. It’s making it difficult for the victims to receive much needed aid.

I’d also like to mention that there are several charities that you can donate to. If you can, please donate.



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4 responses to “Have people forgotten?

  1. Here in Santa Monica, CA I saw several Red Cross workers out collecting donations today. I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one plunking a few dollars into their buckets.

    We are thankful all of our friends in Japan are safe, and we hope that food, medical supplies, shelter can be given to all who need them.

    On another note, we are hosting a student from Gunma; she is one of three who won an English competition, and the prize is a trip to their sister school in Santa Monica. We’ve hosted kids the past three years, and we feared the trip would be canceled. They are at an elevation well above the damage, but air travel has been disrupted along with so many other things. We learned just today they are on their way.

    • Glad to hear she’s on her way! And I’m glad to hear that there’s been fundraising in America. I’ve heard from an old high school classmate that the elementary school in my hometown in Canada is doing a bake sale to raise money to donate to Japan. I hope there will be a lot more fundraising, because it’s desperately needed by the evacuees.

  2. The focus should on how to help the victims without the sensationalised news of doom looming at any second.

    • Yeah. And the doom is disappearing. I’m hoping for more donations to help the victims. It’s a very bad situation for them. Never mind the nuclear problem. That’s being taken care of.

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