Picture of the Week 45 – Bare shelves

There are probably a lot of similar photos on blogs, but this us what I saw at the supermarket near my apartment. Convenience stores are quite similar. The shelves are bare not because of a shortage, but because of panic buying by hoarders. The supply is coming in. People need to calm down and only buy what they need.

Thankfully, Budget Trouble’s “Show Me Japan” is happening this week.  This post is taking part.


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5 responses to “Picture of the Week 45 – Bare shelves

  1. tornadoes28

    People are gonna have a shit load of food in their homes for a long time.

  2. Here’s a knee-jerk response here in Southern California (earthquake prone). I’m getting a LOT of e-mails from people reminding everyone to stock up on earthquake supplies. The real problem in So Cal is water–we don’t really produce water, but we consume so much.

    I was wondering if there would be a similar run on canned foods, toilet paper, bottled water here (in fact my wife told me to stock up on all three), but I’ve not seen panic buying yet.

    There was, however, similar panic buying here following our last major earthquake a dozen years ago. The quake had not decimated our infrastructure, but the fear was there, and fear fuels this sort of thing.



    • I think the panic happens naturally. In the Tokyo area, the only things that are inconvenient are power, gas and trains. Power is obvious. 4 nuclear power stations were shut down, although 3 just need repairs to restart. Gas is being rationed due to the fact that most refineries in the Kanto area had to be shut down. Distribution is a problem due to traffic, as well. Trains are on reduced schedules due to the power situation. But food isn’t a problem. There’s a lot of it being delivered to stores everyday. The hoarders are the problem. Same with toilet paper. Thank the hoarders. Water is not a problem. It’s plentiful here.

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