Earthquake Update

I’m just writing to let everyone know that things are fine where I live.  No damage at home, other than the dining area light hanging at an angle, a few things knocked over and all the sliding doors were open.  I got back to Shonandai around 10:50pm last night.  Thankfully, the Sotetsu Line started up, and I could take the train home.  Today, there are still aftershocks going on quite frequently, but not as big as yesterday.  With 5 nuclear reactors in trouble, and a possible meltdown happening at one, electricity supplied to the Tokyo area is getting really tight, and there may be blackouts in many places.  There’s also a possibility of an aftershock that is around magnitude 8 in the future.  We have to continue to be prepared for that.  To anyone living in the affected areas, try to conserve electricity.


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3 responses to “Earthquake Update

  1. Yossy

    Dear All Are you all right ?
    It happened the huge earth quake.
    We family my house are all right in Yokosuka.
    I couldn’t use my mobile & public phone after that.
    All trafic was stoped.
    I have to stay in my office.
    I’m still working in my office 8:00p.m.
    Take care yourself,
    Yossy 8:20p.m.

    • I’m doing fine. Just sitting at home, watching the news. Schools are closed today. I couldn’t make phone calls, but I could use the internet on my phone yesterday. You take care, too.

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