I’m doing ok! There was a major earthquake today off the coast of northern Honshu, near Sendai. It was magnitude 8.9, with large aftershocks. There was a 7 metre tsunami that devastated the east coast of northern Honshu around Miyagi prefecture. Tokyo felt it very much. I was at work in Yokohama when it hit, and it was massive. A lot of shaking for about 3 minutes. It started off slowly, but became quite violent. A few books fell down at work, but that’s all. I’m still waiting to go home, and I have no idea what kind of mess I’ll find there.

This earthquake is the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the 7th largest in the world. I can’t believe I experienced it.


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15 responses to “Earthquake!

  1. Just heard the news here in Canada this morning , glad to hear you are safe. Thoughts and prayers to those who died and are missing.

  2. Sharon (M0m)

    I was so glad to hear you are safe. Hopefully you are home by now. Is Akiko ok too. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Stephanie

    Sorry to highjack your blog, but I am wondering if you can give any info about the damage in Fujisawa. I have a dear friend there who has a newborn and I am worried sick about her. I am unable to reach her. Glad you are ok. Thanks

  4. Three cheers for quality building codes and well-trained emergency personnel!

    Guess this is a cousin of the 1700 magnitude 9.0 quake on this coast that sent a big tsunami to Japan… Seems the Pacific plate is in a hurry to get somewhere this year! Waves are apparently just getting to us now, but so far nothing nearly as significant as the video coming out of the Sendai region, but they did sound the sirens and clear all the low-lying areas to be safe.

  5. Best wishes from Christchurch, New Zealand. I know what you’re going through!

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