Picture of the Week 42 – The view from Morisengen Shrine

Last week, I was walking around the Byobugaura Station neighbourhood in Isogo Ward, and came across Morisengen Shrine. To get there, I had to go under an expressway bypass, then go up a steep and long stairway. The shrine was quite nice, but on my way down, I had this view of the neighbourhood, looking toward Shin-Sugita.  You can see the torii near the bottom, and many buildings beyond.  This shrine is built at the top of a large plateau/bluffs area in western Yokohama that is just behind Isogo Station.  There used to be a very large hotel, Yokohama Prince Hotel, on this hill, but it was torn down a couple years ago.

Want to see more?  Check out “Show Me Japan” at Budget Trouble.  This post is taking part in the 15th weekly edition.


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10 responses to “Picture of the Week 42 – The view from Morisengen Shrine

  1. Yeah! Lina’s right. Did you count the steps? My mister always does that.

  2. When the shrine has a name of “Sengen (浅間)”, it is a shrine worshipping Mt. Fuji and Konohananosakuyabiime is enshrined. I am wondering if you can see Mt. Fuji at the summit of the mountain where Morisangen shrine is located.
    I like that view!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday night.

    • Thanks for the information. If the air was clear enough, I’m pretty sure Mt Fuji would have been visible. It’s close to the highest point in the area, and should have an unobstructed view of Mt Fuji.

  3. I bet the neighbors are glad the hotel is gone. Must be more peaceful up there now.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen the hotel open. About 5 years ago, I walked up to the hotel, and found no one around. It seems it had already been closed. Very quiet there.

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