Picture of the Week 41 – Myohoji Temple’s Ibuki

I was in Sugita on Sunday taking photos for “Japan by Train” and visited Myohoji Temple (妙法寺), which has a very old tree. The tree is an ibuki, or Chinese juniper. It’s not impressively large, but it is incredibly old. According to the sign, it’s over 600 years old. I wish I could read Japanese better, so I’d know the history of the tree. But this is the kind of thing I like finding when I explore neighbourhoods.

This post is taking part in this week’s “Show Me Japan.”


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11 responses to “Picture of the Week 41 – Myohoji Temple’s Ibuki

  1. Wow! The tree is old.

    The oldest I’ve seen was while climbing up Mount Mitake. 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Wow! That’s really old and beautiful!

  3. It looks like that tree is leaning to the side. I wonder if they are going to prop it up somehow, give it crutches, or what.

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  5. That Ibuki tree is definitely a divine tree!!!
    I briefly looked up Ibuki tree in Myohoji and found that there is Ibuki tree in Japan that is 1500 year-old and the one in Myohoji is over 600 years old. The Ibuki tree in Myohoji had a severe damage when hit by thunder and the axillary branching started since then…
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday evening:)

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